Friday, March 26, 2010

The Hunger For More

Modern day people love their items and always hunger for many
It can be as expensive as a new car or cost as cheap as a penny
The one thing that is acceptable is more knowledge for your head
But many would much rather focus on their physical items instead
So who cares about these fancy shoes and suits and ties
When all these things wont matter at all when you finally die
Look at this perspective, a foolish man lusts and chases money
While the wise man spends his time on Earth nourishing his family tree
But desire isn't a bad feeling, it is a natural habit
Just because you see something doesn't mean you must have it
The darkness shall inevitably consume the souls who overload on greed
The light shall illuminate those who cherished life's values and will be freed
If you spend your life constantly searching for more
You may one day find yourself unconsciously closing opportunity's door

-Daevone Molyneux

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lunar Inspiration

Last night I was sleeping and suddenly awoke
And my eyes rose upwards just like a fire's smoke
My vision clearly saw a sphere clean and white
Because the Moon is not hard to see with your eyesight
All I could do was stare and lay in awe and wonder
At this heavenly body I had the pleasure to live under
It's a fact that the Moon directs the ocean's waves
Medieval priests also credited it for the way a hen behaves
I had to take a minute to appreciate its beauty and its might
Then I closed my eyes and thought to myself, "Good Night"

-Daevone Molyneux

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rebirth Of The Sun

I open my eyes to begin my morning
It's a daily celebration of the Sun's reborning
I wake up to brush my teeth and make my bed
Then stretch to get all the sleepiness from in my head
Nutrition is the key, so you may make breakfast your plan
Just have a banana, a slice of toast or a bowel of Raisin Bran
Many despise the sunrise and would love to venture back to sleep
We should focus on cherishing each day and make it one to keep
Each morning is the beginning and is a very large start
To allow us to have a desirable day and make it a work of art
Cherish every moment because it can all end in a blink
All of life's aspects are quite vital, don't let its value shrink

-Daevone Molyneux

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Music Influences Nature

Nature revolves around and constantly involves music
It frees the mind especially when you know how to use it
Like a flock of robins chirping as they glide
Or children gleefully laughing on the playground slide
It is beautiful to walk and hear my footsteps
As I journey to my locker to where my book's kept
Listen to the shifting of the trees as the wind blows
On one is a squirrel who hides acorns for the winter snow
Music affects our lives, the way we eat and live
It gives us moods like if we are greedy or want to give
From the deer running to the caterpillars in their cocoons
Every aspect of our lives revolves around music and hears every tune

-Daevone Molyneux

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Struggle

In the lives we live it is a tradition to struggle
We can be quite frantic in getting our agendas juggled
Like a gambler in Vegas trying to win with his last bid
Or a single mother working to provide for her two kids
When the game is on the line and you get the last touch
Do you shy away from the final shot or come up clutch?
When you struggle to do homework and stay up until two
It's always worth it to turn it in the next day when it's due
When an island is attacked and torn by a monsoon
The people will band together to sing a hopeful tune
To overcome a struggle is like going on a mountain climb
Do you get to the top or procrastinate and waste time?
Two councilmen get competitive and are attempting a checkmate
While the King and Queen declare war to improve their real estate
So when we have a struggle we do whatever it takes
To overcome the problem especially since your pride is at stake
-Daevone Molyneux

Poetic Remedies

Listen carefully to the yarn I'm about to spin
And without further waiting let this story begin
I was trapped in a world and didn't know who I was
My mind was filled with chaos and stuffed with fuzz
I never knew myself and would always deny it
I possessed the secrets for success but simply couldn't apply it
I discovered the fact I liked to write poetry
I would love to study quotes and silently read
One aspect I discovered as I grew older
Was that writing is like removing a huge boulder
Negative emotions will inevitably take an emotional toll
Venting these feelings through a pen and paper is beneficial for the soul
When I write poetry my negative feelings begin to take a vacation
Those words massage and soothe my brain when it is searching for salvation
Although I have an open mind and am finding new things everyday
I am poetically set fast on this path and my interest shall never stray

-Daevone Molyneux

Mental Independence

What kind of person are you, do you self-sustain?
An independent mind is like a cell membrane
The membrane is used to keep everything in place
It holds all thoughts and feelings in a protective case
Independence is not asking when you are in need
It is a way to mentally advance and prematurely succeed
Most times when I am asked if I need assistance
I find a way to manage despite others' persistence
Independence is not being stubborn, it's not having to depend
It's a way to differ from other and mentally contend
You may be thinking to yourself "Why would independence be so important?"
Because it is a unique method we use to paint an honorable self portrait

-Daevone Molyneux